We are incredibly proud to have been awarded “Inkluderingsprisen 2021” by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. The award recognizes organizations that continuously strive for a more diverse and inclusive working environment. 

Inclusion and diversity is – and always has been – an essential part of SFF’s DNA. Since 1995, we have been committed to systematically give people with special needs or a troubled past an opportunity in the professional world. Today, about 20% of our workforce is recruited through this initiative. “We believe that we become a better business when we mirror the diversity found in society as a whole. Throughout the years, we have built a strong company culture based on respect, belonging, and camaraderie,” says Tore Christiansen, CEO. Boye O. Christiansen, Managing Director, follows up: “These values have been an integral part of the company’s success. We always try to focus on people’s strengths and what they can do, rather than their weaknesses and what they cannot. In return, we get a motivated, loyal workforce”.

Photo credit: Lars Idar Waage, Næringsforeningen i Stavanger-regionen.

The management team is convinced that the company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives yield tangible business results. Boye elaborates: “Our sick leave is well below 2%, while the national average tends to be between 5 and 6%. Further, we have very low staff turnover. This shows that CSR is not only philanthropy; it is actually good business!”

We want to thank Stavanger Chamber of Commerce for building awareness about the positive impact inclusivity can have on an organization. We sincerely hope that we – together – can encourage other businesses to do the same!

You can watch an interview with Tore and Boye here , and read more about the award here

Photo credit: Lars Idar Waage, Næringsforeningen i Stavanger-regionen.