The SFF Group recently arranged team building events for all employees at SFF HQ. Our employees got the opportunity to sail with the Restauration – a historic sailship that the SFF Group proudly sponsors.

During the first part of September the SFF Group arranged several team building events for employees at SFF HQ outside of Stavanger, Norway.

The events took place at the Utstein Abbey Hotel, located on the shore of the island Klosterøy. At an adjacent pier the newly built replica of the sloop (sailboat with a single mast) Restauration awaited the participants.

The original Restauration was a Norwegian sailboat that on the 4th of July 1825 brought 52 emigrants from the shores of Stavanger to the US. The ship is often referred to as the “Norwegian Mayflower”, as the journey was the first organized of its kind and marked the beginning of the Norwegian mass emigration to the US.

The idea of building a replica of one of the most famous ships in Norwegian history, was conceived in 2007, and finished in 2010 by Ryfylke Trebåtbyggjeri from Finnøy. The SFF Group is one of the project’s main sponsors.

The first part of the event consisted of a two-hour sailing trip, which included a lecture about the history of the original Restauration, as well as hands-on assignments which demanded both cooperation and teamwork from the participants, such as hoisting the sails and climbing the mast.

The last part of the day was spent dining together at the Utstein Abbey Hotel, where the participants were served excellent food and got to socialize with their colleagues.