Social Responsibility

The SFF Group is known for its great company culture and loyal workforce. This can be attributed to the company’s active policy to create a better workplace. We are widely recognized as one of the pioneers in recruiting personnel with special needs and different backgrounds. The SFF Group has been awarded several prizes for this work:

  • Inkluderingsprisen 2021 (Inclusiveness Award 2021)
  • Pøbelprisen
  • Norrønaprisen
  • Bransjeløftprisen
  • Firsprangprisen

Approximately 20% of our employees are recruited through “alternative channels” and given an opportunity to succeed in the professional world. Our annual sick leave is significantly lower than the national averages. This is not despite of, but because of our recruitment policy.


The SFF Group is regarded as an active and positive contributor in our local communities. We take great pride in our many social initiatives. We are a major contributor within sports, culture and charity. We have been actively supporting this for many years – even through the most challenging market situations.

Most of our existing agreements are long-term, and only on very special occations do we bring in new ones. This is mainly because we have long-term commitments with our existing partners. Further, administrating theese initiatives requires some administration in our end. We consider our long-term approach to be beneficial for our partners, as this gives them valuable predictability in their planning.

Some of our major Sponsorships: