– One team, now and in the future!

During the month of September, several representatives from the South Korean branch of the SFF Group visited the company’s HQ in Norway.

Among the visitors were SFF Korea’s Managing Director MinGyu Song, Sales Manager Sangwook Park, Sales Coordinator Hyo-Min Lee and Warehouse Manager Tae Joon Jeong.

The SFF Group’s technical department held training courses in materials and product technology. Further, the Korean visitors were provided role-specific training within the company’s self-developed IT system – Vendor Logistics.

I believe my experiences in Norway be helpful when I work in Korea. Also, it was a great opportunity to meet the HQ staff in person and build a personal relationship with them. Through this, I think we can work even more cooperatively in the future.

Sales Coordinator, Hyo-Min Lee

While the main purpose of the visit was to exchange knowledge and streamline working procedures, there were also several social activities on the agenda, such as hiking to the top of the Pulpit Rock and watching the Stavanger Oilers play in DNB Arena.

On the last day of their stay, Morten Rene Tandrevoll (Operational Director) and Kent Helliesen (Warehouse Manager), surprised everyone by serving a Korean dish for lunch. The Koreans were impressed, and their verdict was: “Excellent!”

All in all, the visit was a great success for both visitors, hosts, and the SFF Group as a whole. When asked about the benefits of such a trip, Warehouse Manager Tae Joon Jeong, responded:

– I think the two weeks we spent with SFF was a precious time that will make us communicate smoothly and support each other as one team – now and in the future!